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New soaker site with INSTOCK soakers!!!

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Hi all,
I saw this site on the soaker knitting group and thought you'd be interested. I know whe has sold a lot on ebay and had very good reviews

Warm Heart Woolies is open!

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WOW! Those are beautiful. Oh this makes me wish I could hop off the wagon I see 2 things I WANT BAD!!!!

Those lime shorts with the rainbow edge are making me drool.
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I know.. I've been drooling over the orange and blue striped soaker for a pair of shorts but I think the rise is about 1-2 inches too high.
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No Paypal this time around unfortunately. Hoping she will stock again soon! She does wonderful work.
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Beautiful! I can't buy anything at all for a long time but I want one of those! I love the sets and every single one of her soakers.
I hope whoever got the Zoo set will post pictures. ....fighting back tears.....
(J/K I'm glad the temptation has been removed)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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