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New Theory.

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I have this new theory.
If anyone says
"Have you had the baby yet"
"Anything going on yet"
"When are you due again"
things along those lines.
It adds another day to gestation (at least).
Not that I care, but I'm just saying.
Some dude at 7-11 yesterday said "Did you swallow a watermelon?" and then laughed and said he says that to all pg women. It didn't bother me it was kind of funny but then I started laughing and I think he got nervous and said we'd need a dr. if I didn't stop laughing. I was all "We don't need a doc for that! Har Har Har!!!"
I'm going to a wedding today so I'm sure I'll get at least 14 more comments which will buy me two more weeks. Hooray!!!!
(I won't tell them I checked my OWN cervix last night and can get two fingers in now. Might have even been 3 but I didn't feel like giving myself a slipped disc trying to bend and turn to get in there. Sorry, tmi!)
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oh, that is really not a good theory, Karen. :LOL

My mother asked yesterday on the phone, "having any pains?" I'm like, "pains?" (I knew what she meant but was just so annoyed at the antiquated terminology). Then when I said No she practically shreiked, 'But you only have 9 days until your due date!" So I just shook my head and said, "yes, and then at the stroke of midnight on my due date I will just explode!!"

ugh. So annoying.

Good for you for attending a wedding right now! I hope you enjoy it
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Last night I had to stay home while DH and DS went out to dinner w/ my MIL and SIL. I just couldn't face them yesterday. Everytime they see me they have this big countdown. 10 more days!! 7 more days!! Yeah, to my due date which means NOTHING!! I am in a good zone most of the time thinking she will come when she's ready and I'm NOT counting down to a day that means nothing (ds was 2 weeks late). Also, if I don't tell you about my cervix please don't ask - especially at dinner
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Originally Posted by Karennnnn
It didn't bother me it was kind of funny but then I started laughing and I think he got nervous and said we'd need a dr. if I didn't stop laughing. I was all "We don't need a doc for that! Har Har Har!!!"
OK, this cracked me up! :LOL

Yes, please save the cervix talk for after dinner, at least!
It's bad enough when people feel that your belly is public property - is nothing private anymore??

I went to the zoo the other day and it was worth it just to see the looks on people's faces when they asked me when I was due and I told them in 2 weeks. :LOL I swear some people actually took a few steps back as though they were afraid they'd get amniotic fluid on their shoes or something.
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Wedding was nice!! Luckily not too many people asking questions. I think I've been really fortunate in that dept. People have pretty much left me alone and because I'm not doing as much preparing and staying home as I did last time, sometimes that makes it hard to put a birth into reality for me. This is part of my denial!
Kind of like getting a nursery ready makes it real... I dunno.
One person who was there who I always feel like I can be flip with really got the third degree from me. I was eating veggies and dip and he's like "That looks nice and healthy." (this is all he said, poor man). I'm all "Well, yeah, but I'd be eating it anyway even if I weren't pregnant. And if it weren't healthy I'd be eating it, and I'd be eating the same amount, maybe twice as much because I eat what tastes good wether I'm pregnant or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Something to that effect.
Then of course when the sweet table opened up I see him AGAIN and I have two plates full because I had a piece of cake for me and a plate FULL of pastries to take home to dh and ds. He just looked at me and I go "Yeah it's all for me".
And I know he didn't even instigate anything that time or the time before. I just feel like being mean.
And in the big baby/little baby fight going on in my head, my grandmother confused me. She looked at my sister (due 10 days after me) and said she thought she was going to have a big baby. I've always thought her belly looked tiny. So this is more affirmation that it doesn't matter what your belly looks like, the baby could weigh anything! But I knew this already.
Take care girls!
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