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New to babywearing and need encouragement

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This is my first time babywearing and we are 4 months into it. Ds is pretty big (10 and a half at birth, now close to 20lbs) and I'm feeling very worn out. I know this is not supposed to be uncomfortable, but most days my back and neck feel sore. Ds is so much happier in the sling though. I end up feeling guilty if I put him down (usually only on the floor or bed to play with big sis). DH helps a lot when he is home. I use both a maya and a pouch. I do have an ergo, but am afraid to try it on my back alone. So, I'm wondering from all of you who are experienced- is it normal to have aches and pains? How much do you put a 4 month old down, if at all? Would it help to get yet another carrier style? Advice appreciated-thanks!
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What about using the Ergo on front? Or if you practice putting him in the Ergo while Dh is watching until you feel comfortable. Sometimes if I do it in the bedroom so I can see myself in the mirror it is helpful for me. If dd wants so be carried all day long I usually end up wrapping her on my front. It is most comfortable for me. I get really tired after a while with her in a sling, and she is only sixteen pounds! I wouldn't feel guilty if you need to put him down for a while though. My daughter would love to be carried around all day long, but I try and encourage her to spend some time playing on the floor. With me, and alone. (I do have to do somethings around the house without her.) I usually let her play alone in the mornings, since she is happiest then. And I end up carrying her or wearing her in the early evening, since she is fussiest then.

Anyhow, all this to say, keep trying! I know you will figure it out, and are doing the best for your little son!

Ok, at four months I didn't carry DS all day long. It just wasn't possible b.c he was a big guy like yours. I wouldn't feel guilty about it - we live in a society where there isn't a whole lot of support. I can understand how in some cultures babies never touch the ground for the first 6 months of life, because they live in extended families and there is always someone to pass the baby to. We don't live that kind of life (and I'm betting you don't either), so putting the baby down for a bit is normal.

No, you should not have aches and pains. BBWing should be comfortable. I'll come back later...and say more.
If you're talking about a maya wrap, I've heard they aren't the best once baby gets heavier. You could try a woven wrap or a Mei Tai style carrier. Both distribute the weight better. Also your Ergo should e great to wear him in.

At that age, I encourage a little down time for DD to play and practice her skills.
I think you need a two-shoulder carry - the Ergo is great if your baby is comfortable spreading his legs out in a seated position. I would practice, practice, practice - it's just a matter of confidence and knowing you're not going to drop him. Practice on a bed in front of a large mirror if you have one.

I also really love a mei tai for long-term wearing comfort, or a wrap. I just cannot do a ring sling or a pouch because my back starts killing me. I love Kozys and Babyhawk XTs as well as Gypsymama BaliBaby Stretch wraps and German wraps for all-day wearing comfort.

I have had two velcro babies who have been perfectly happy, as long as they're carried, so don't feel bad if you have to hold your baby all day - just find a carrier that works for you!
Thanks, everyone. I'll check out some wraps or MTs and start using my Ergo.I admit going into this I unrealistically envisioned never putting him down!
It does help to be reminded how good this is for ds, thanks...
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I wore my giant babies all the time that age in one-shouldered carriers. My son would not tolerate any wraps or MTs.

With regular chiropractic adjustments and exercise, I was pain-free.
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