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I'm not sure if this is the right board, so mods, feel free to move it. Anyway, I think that there might be something in my past that I'm forgetting.
I have found that I block "traumatic" stuff out, like a close friend (E) telling me about her abuse. E told me her story, I cried with her, etc. I told my fiance that E came to me about their abuse (E said that was okay, just not specifics, etc) and I told him how I just couldn't understand that kind of evil, and cried for a bit with him. About a month later, a different close friend (C) asked me if E was ever abused (on a hunch.) I said, something to the effect of: no, she's never told me about anything, but I wondered about that, too. You should ask her about it if you're concerned.
I told my fiance about that conversation, and he was like honey, you told me that E confided in you, remember, you were really upset and you cired with me?
Then all of a sudden I remembered exactly what happened, down to what song was on the radio and where I was in my dorm room.
Stuff like that has happened frequently in the last few years- I forget about a traumtic thing told to me or that happened to me, and then I remember it after reading my journal or talking to a close friend, etc.
Is that normal? Have you ever experienced this? How do you keep from "forgetting"?
I have mentioned this to my therapist, but that was the last visit, so we haven't really talked about it yet.
(feel free to pm me)
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