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New to CD, a couple questions...

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1) I will be using HH, FB,and K'luvs and was just wondering how many times should I was them before I use them, to get good absorbensy?
2) I will be using 6 K'luvs in nb and 6 in small, I just want to try a few things to see what we like. But my thing is how many covers will I need, and where can I find REALLY cute covers? K'luvs are so cute I will hate having to cover them up, so I want something really cute, any suggestions?

Thanks so much!!
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nak but wanted to reply.

The kls I have heard should be washed 3-4 times on hot. the fbs and hhs are okay after 1 wash. but what are you using to stuff them with? those will need prep depending on what you are using.

i know several wahm who make cute covers but none have any instock. maybe others can point you to some that do. i liked bumpy covers over kls and they have some cute prints.

I agree with the pp...the Kissaluvs will need to be washed 3-4 times. What kinds of covers are you interested in? Wool, fleece, PUL? I think the Bumpy Day & Night Covers are cute...and I'm sure there are some WAHM made PUL covers that are really nice. For wool I like knit soakers, Bumpy Wool, Stacinator Stretch and Cuddlewool...
Thanks. For the covers. i already have a couple wool coming. 2 crats. but what about PUL or fleece or whatever else. I really don't have a preference yet as I'm still pg. I like the bumkin covers, those are cute. Are they any good?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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