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New to CD, need help

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Hi all! I've been lurking here for a while and I need some help with CD.

I have a 2-year-old DS (actually turns 2 next week) and I am interested in switching him to CD. We have been using disposables up to now, but they are no longer working well for us.

Our main problem is wetting through at night. I have tried every combination of disposables including overnights and doublers. Nothing is working.

We are planning on more children, and I want to do full time cloth with the next one. I need a good starting place for a 2-year-old though!

I am very interested in Fuzzi Bunz, but I keep reading conflicting views on various sites about this product.

I don't mind spending a little money, because this will get use with subsequent children.

So any tips you have on what to buy, how to attach it to the kid, and washing instructions, I would appreciate your input.

BTW, I already use All Free & Clear to wash our clothes with an Oxiclean booster for stains. I have read conflicting views on various sites about this as well. I don't mind doing extra wash cycles, and I am wondering if the use of liners would keep me from having to dunk in the toilet. I would really like to avoid toilet dunking and any kind of wet pail arrangement.

Any help would be appreciated!


Lisa C.
mom to Ali (6/03)
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If you have a heavy night wetter I would not recommend Fuzzibunz. Instead maybe a night time diaper such as a Firefly Sleeptight or a Little Beetle hemp with an extra doubler and a knitted or crocheted wool cover. The wool has really made a difference for us at night. It "breathes" and we have not experienced any soreness or irritation in Paige's diaper area since switching to wool at night.

Both of the above mentioned dipes are readily available (You would probably need a Large FF Sleeptight and a size 2 Little Beetle) We have had great success with them.
There are many places to get good wool covers, try the trading post, ebay or any of the WAHMs that has reviews here...there are so many great ones out there!
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I think I will go ahead and start with the Little Beetles w/doublers and an Aristocrat soaker. I really liked the look of the Fireflys but nearly had a heart attack at the price. The LBs are much more reasonable.
I was going to recomend the FF sleep tight that is what I use with my 2 year old. they are a lil pricey but oh so worth every penny.
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