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New to cloth

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I haven't posted here in a long time since my dd is now 4 1/2, but this site was a lot of support when it came to extended nursing and family bedding, etc. We are expecting a new baby in Nov. and want to use cloth diapers this time and I'm a little overwhelmed by choices. I mean diaper inserts, covers, pocket diapers....Do you really need so many pieces to a diaper? Aren't the all-in-ones any good? Don't all of those layers get very sweaty? Also, there are so many brands. I know I'm ignorant. Please help!

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it can be overwhelming. Some people suggest getting a few samples of some you'd like to try and just see what you like. For me, I wanted things simple, so I got prefolds and covers for daytime and Fuzzi Bunz for night. Having too many choices was going to drive me nuts, so I went with an economical choice.
It is a bit overwhelming. I researched and researched my research! LOL. I ended up just going with prefolds and covers. This is the most economical choice and is easy. helped me tremendously when I was trying to decide what to use. It is a great website to get all information you need to start cloth. is another forum that is a great resource also. I don't have any aio's so can't really comment on them, but I do know a lot of other mama's seem to like them.
Good Luck
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I think the easiest is AIOs or pocket AIOs

I love Swaddlebees AIOs they are new. I'd also suggest Fuzzi Bunz or Very Baby AIOs.

Fitteds and covers are also great for newborns. It holds in the poo sooo well. I loved RighteousBaby FLAMs with Nikky Covers.

There are lots of wonderful diapers out there and it can get confusing, but totally worth it
You've got plenty of time to learn!

For a newborn you should have about 12 diapers a day. I had about 36 and washed ever 3rd day.

Also remember sometimes you get what you paid for
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I think unbleached Chinese or Indian prefolds with Bummis Super Whisper wraps are the best. I also like Kissaluvs 0 with Bummis Super Whisper Wraps on a newborn.
Here is a fun page about the different diapering systems and why different moms "choose" the system that they do:
Thanks for all the advice and links. It helps a lot!
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