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New to dealing with allergies... some help please.

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Hi all- I posted a few weeks back about a rash my daughter got after eating/being around cucumbers. At the time we thought it was just a contact rash, probably from the cucumbers since that was really the only thing that was different.

The rash got worse and that night I ended up taking her to urgent care as we were on vacation. Anyway, turned out she had hives. She never had them before (she's 2). They were HUGE. She has had some contact allergy type problems with hummus (we think the tahini since she can eat garbanzo beans with no problems) She is a great eater, and has never really seemed to have any other problems.

This past weekend she broke out again and they have been going on all week, go away with benedryl and advil. She doesn't seemed too bothered by them, she will point them out and say she wants a bath and medicine and that's about it. They start to go away shortly after she takes the medicine.

I'm starting to think it might be from nuts and/or peanut butter. we are a big nut family and my son and husband eat all kinds frequently. She's eaten p.b before, not a ton, but I've never noticed anything wrong. I've stopped giving her any nuts, p.b. and cucumbers and pineapple (both different items we had both weekends) but not sure where to go from here. since she is still having them, I'm thinking the hives need to be out of her system before we can really monitor what's going on.

so what do I do now? any major concerns I should be aware of? Unfortunately, we recently moved and don't have a family doc yet. A whole other problem as no one is taking new patients and we don't vax.

sorry for the huge post, and thanks for any advice!
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Find an allergist.

Nut and peanut allergy reactions tend to get worse each time. If she is allergic to either/both you will need an Rx for an epi-pen (jr.) and an emergency action plan.

Because others in the home are eating nuts/nut butters be careful of cross contamination. Think of things like shared knives in the pb and then used in the jelly the jelly is contaminated. Wash clothes, dish rags, cutting boards, counter tops, shared plates, etc. Frequent hand washing is a must. The hives could be continuing because of cross contact.

Our allergist has never asked if we vax so hopefully you won't have any problem finding someone who can help you with testing. Perhaps try posting in FYT to see if anyone has an allergist recommendation for your specific area.

Good luck!
Ditto to the pp. Please get to an allergist quickly. Good luck.
If she had a reaction to tahini (sesame), it could be very likely that she's allergic to nuts too. I agree with the others, see an allergist asap since those allergies can often cause severe reactions.
thanks everyone. I posted in FYT. I'm also going to call her old ped in Indy, she was great and might be able to help us with a ref. if needed.

quick question-- do peanut allergies usually show up this late? after 2?
They can show up at any time, even in adulthood.
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