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New to FB's, please help!

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I have been cloth diapering with prefolds and covers for a while now and just got my first Fuzzi Bunz in the mail today, yay! I already love it, it is so soft I find it hard to belive it is actually waterproof! Anywhoo, I have prefolds to stuff it with, but how should I fold it? If I fold it the long way, it is too long, and the short way, it is too short? Also, do the microfiber inserts *really* work? It blows my mind that such a thin insert could hold even one potty!
Also, washing-- just wash in cold and put in dryer? or hang to dry? ok to wash with prefolds?

Thanks mamas!
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You can fold it either way I suppose.

I fold mine long way and fold down the extra in the front of the dipe. I figure that is where ds would need the extra absorbancy.

I wash mine with prefolds on cold mostly.....sometimes hot.

Most of the time I line dry but I do throw them in the dryer on occation as well.

I have inserts as well but prefer to use my prefolds. I think they work better.
Not sure what size FBs or what size prefolds you are talking about, but....

the infant sized prefolds (dk green stitching) should fit in M-XL Fuzzi Bunz if you trifold them the long way.

Bigger prefolds (white or royal blue stitching) will fit folded the short way, at least in L and XL FBs. They might be a big short but you can just put them where they'll soak up the most.

Inserts are nice too, though if you have prefolds it's probably not worth getting inserts. They can give a trimmer fit sometimes though.

I wash in hot with a cold rinse and an extra rinse. Love FBs.

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I find the inserts to be much trimmer than prefolds and they do hold a lot. We use 2 for overnight.
You can use infant prefolds as stuffers too but I like the micro inserts for a trimmer fit. We use 2 at night and 1 or 2 during the day.
I used to use premium prefolds in large FB for DS (trifolded with front folded down) but I found it way to bulky for him. I love the micro inserts and I also love the HH hemp stuffins. They work great and are so trim. The hemp Joey Bunz also work well.
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I use the MOE microterry inserts and they *do* work great! The longer you use them, the better they seem to work.
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