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new to HS

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My dd1 is getting to that preschool age, so we have decided to HS. We live in an area with great resourses for hs and a huge hs association. BUT, I have already been "snubbed" by a hs mom because I want to unschool and we are non-religious. She is very religious and thinks the world of the curriculum they use. Now I feel like its just not hS vs public school, its hs unschooling vs "XYZ" hs, and relgious families vs non religions families... is this normal to find in hs groups?
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Unfortunately, it can be. Keep looking for another homeschool group. There are also unschoolers support groups out there. The group I belong to is secular and very open to all beliefs. There is an unschoolers support group in my area as well, but I haven't attended it as yet. My son is 4.5.

Do a yahoo search for groups in your area. Also may have a group near you.

Good luck

one snotty Mom does not the entire homeschooling community make...keep looking; ask the librarians, LLL leaders..put up a flyer at a health food store. When we started there was only religious, "sign a statement of faith" sort of groups local to me.
With yahoo groups I started a group which merged with another and the another..and now we have a group with over 100 families in it.

best of luck mama, they are out there you just have to flush them out...
yea, don't worry about that lady. if you live in a good HS area, there is bound to be lots of great HS support around you. you may meet a few more like her down the road...but they'll be the minority. most hs mommies are really great and supportive of one another....regardless of curriculum, hs style, faith, etc. hang in there mama.
I managed to find a group that meets weekly nearby (about 15 minutes) and everyone does their own thing. So far it seems really nice because you get to talk to other moms about different curriculums (vs. everyone using the same thing or doing things the same way) and no one worries about what anyone else chooses for their family - it is all about what works best for you and your children. I am hoping this attitude is the norm and I continue to experience it in this group (i am fairly new to the homeschooling world!!) It is exactly what I needed to find!

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BUT, I have already been "snubbed" by a hs mom because I want to unschool and we are non-religious.
And I was snubbed when I first began by people who unschooled and didn't even want to be bothered socially or otherwise with anyone who didn't know much about homeschooling yet! I have a vivid memory of a park day when I innocently asked what spelling program was a good one - the stone silence that followed was so acutely awkward that I still have a visual memory of the whole scene. But I went on and got through that phase, gradually getting acquainted with people on not such a shallow level. It all worked out fine, and that group was a very important part of our homeschooling lives over the years. Don't worry about a person here or there - just go and keep going, and eventually it will all work out. Groups change for that matter - new people cycle in and out, formats of activities change, new activities start up, etc. And make sure you've found all the support groups in your area - there may be a large and active secular one you haven't come across yet.
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