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What about the other kids in your group? (I'm assuming there are at least five, since there are eight moms?) Why don't you all from a special playgroup during the school year?

I'm thinking right now about when I was in school. I never really had more than one close friend at a time. Let's see, 1st-5th grade, I had close friends but I didn't go to school with them -- they lived in my neighborhood. Then 6th-8th grade I became more social at school and had lots of friends that changed often, those were fickle years. All about who's popular etc. Then in high school everything got topsy-turvy because all my friends were split up onto different tracks and I never had a chance to see them and we drifted apart. I didn't really find a group of friends to hang out with until my junior year, and then became close to someone again my senior year. My brother's best friend all throughout his early life he met playing soccor on a city (not school) team. So I guess my point is that school does not guarantee close friends, and close friends can be made outside of school.

My kids are still too young for "best friends", in my opinion (they are more into playing *around* children than playing *with* children) but my two older boys (6 1/2 and 4 1/2) have a lot of fun playing with a neighbor boy, and they see their cousins every couple of weeks. We go to the park a lot too, so they get a lot of exposure to other kids. I've also been working on finding other homeschooling families in our area. I've got a list of about a dozen and this winter I am going to start a playgroup that meets at our house, and I hope others do the same. (I've just found, too, that the weekday farmer's market is a great place to find other homeschooled kids!)
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