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just feel that I'm cheating Adam out of the opportunity to make friends with other kids. Tell me I'm crazy! Offer me suggestions! Encourage me! Tell me that your homeschooled child(ren) have close friends, and how they met each other!
No not crazy. Just a mom who loves her kids and wants the best for him.

Keep checking for more organized groups. Find a gymnastics/tumbling class (DD was in one through our county parks and rec dept for 3 years. Age 1-4). Some karate studios take students that young. For some reason Karate seems to draw homeschoolers. Maybe you will meet other HS'ers there. Organize your own HS preschoolers group.

DD is 5 and never attended PS. She has one friend still from Gymnastics who is in PS.
She has several friends in Karate who are in PS
but most of her friends are in our HS group that we get together with 1-2 times a week (play date 1x per week, field trips, science co-op and book club the rest of the time)

14 DS attended PS through 6th grade. He really doesn't talk to his PS friends anymore. They are too swamped with several hrs of homework every night. He does talk to some of them in the summer.
He has several friends in our HS group and some from karate (the ones from karate are in PS)
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