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Keep in mind that by homeschooling, you are teaching your child a valuable lesson about socializing & friends - that you don't have to see someone every day, or be the same age as them to be friends! And age 3 is young enough that having a lot of age-mates to play with all the time isn't very important. Even one friend is probably enough. I know when DS was in school, he mostly talked about how his friends teased, ignored, or swore at him (we're talking kindergarten here!).....not exactly what I'd call positive interaction!
But now that we have a nice mixed age group (11, 7, 4, & 16 mos), I can see that my kids definitely have an advantage over those confined to age-mates all day - when we go to playgrounds and parks, my kids always include whatever kids are there in their play, and I've gotten plenty of comments about "Wow, your kids are so KIND! All the other kids here kept ignoring my son, but yours are including him and helping him have fun!" - that kind of thing. And a lady at the store that was behind me in line told the cashier (my best friend) that she could tell my family was homeschooled because they had a special, caring interaction with each other.....and this was during a routine noisy, whiny shopping trip!
So anyway, in the long run, the friends he has now should be plenty. He'll learn BETTER friendship lessons from a few friends of different ages than he will from a classroom of age-mates.
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