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New to ovulation kits??

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This is my first month using an ovulation kit, and I have a couple of questions. I know that if the 2nd line is darker than the test line you are getting ready to ovulate, and when the 2nd line is lighter you are not. However, is there ever a time that the 2nd line does not show at all? When you are getting closer to O does the line get darker and darker? Am I making any sense? Whew! This is my first month charting too, and it is a little all of you know. Thanks for answering my questions.

Also, do you continue to test after your first day with a darker 2nd line?
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Are you testing between 2-8pm? Limiting fluids an hour or so before testing? I've had the line go from barely there to darker than the control line in one day so I wouldn't try to interpret beyond a negative surge or positive surge. Good luck!
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