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new to posting

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I've been reading MDC for quite a while but finally decided to start posting
I'm Amanda, 29, momma to Viveka, 13 m. We live in AZ. I'm from Michigan originally and while I have a great support group going with a local mommy milk group, I can't believe the number of people who really don't seem to care about certain things and figure this might be an outlet for me

I am doing a decent amount of sewing these days and would love to make more of our clothing, perhaps some diapers as well, though we are doing some EC so most days we only use 4-5 diapers if we're at home.
: I have an online store, work full time from home for a big company. I'm a bit stretched now but have a few online interaction addictions

Pleased to come in and actually post!
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Welcome to MDC!

I am starting to sew again, too, since baby is coming soon! Make sure you check out the crafting forum.
Welcome to MDC!
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