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Can anyone explain to me the whole process of giving birth.
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........ what do you mean?

what exactly do you need to know?
read some of the birth stories here - there's a whole variety of experience! there are also plenty of websites describing birth, and books you can browse in the bookstore. i have a bunch of the sears books - they have one on pregnancy, one on birth, etc.

after you've read up some you might find you have more specific questions!

Thanks for responding. Well being young ,I have never given the burthing process much thought or investigation. I need to know everything. How do you know when your water breaks? After all of the pushing ,when the baby finally comes out then what? Does anything else come out? Is there a noticable difference in your stomach after the baby comes out? EVERYTHING !!!...
First of all... hmmm, where to begin. The placenta comes out after the baby. Do you have a midwife? The baby comes out of your uterus, not your stomache (that's where food goes). If you eat right your belly should go down fairly quickly after delivery (but then again everyone is built differently. Some people gain a lot in their waist during pregnancy, but if you're BF, the weight should come off quite quickly)..... I hope that answers some of your queries. You can do it, your body was made to give birth.
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pregnancy, labor, giving birth are all different experiences for all women. in my experience it was the most profound moment of my life. you may discover that you know more than you think. trust in yourself, your body and your ability to give birth. there are many good books and resources out there-the Sears books are excellent. I would also recommend "Birthing from Within".
Congrats and embrace this time
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You might also want to take a birthing class from you local hospital. Mine was kinda lame but explained the process of birth well. They pushed lots of interventions and medical stuff, but ignore that and you will be fine. I second the books too. We read a lot and I think it helped to prepare. Congrats! I hope all goes well,
How do you know when your water breaks?
~ you just know. there is a very pronounced rush of fluid through your vagina. for me, i not only felt the gush but also a sort of snapping sensation right around my cervix, which i'm guessing was the rupture of the membranes.

After all of the pushing ,when the baby finally comes out then what? Does anything else come out?
~ generally the baby is placed on your belly if you haven't caught him or her yourself. if you deliver in a hospital it's standard practice for the cord to be clamped then cut while you wait to deliver the placenta, but honestly there's no evidence that there's any reason to do this. either way, the cord is either cut immediately or it's not. then you deliver the placenta, usually within about 10 minutes. in a hospital, they tend to rush it (and i've heard midwives rush it too). there's really no hurry, as long as your'e not bleeding profusely. it's very soft and squishy and doesn't hurt at all, but may feel kind of strange coming out. then you begin postpartum bleeding.

Is there a noticable difference in your stomach after the baby comes out?
~ yes: flatter and squishier, and more floppy. it's easier to breathe and you don't have to pee every 5 minutes :LOL ...
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I'd get a good book. Mothering as a book called "Having a Baby Naturally"
Its a great book with lots of info
i have to disagree that it's a great book. i wouldn't recommend it, personally. i was very disappointed.
You definitely need to get some books. I think "The Pregnancy Book" by Dr. Sears is a great reference. It explains every stage of pregnancy and birth, and discusses things like breastfeeding, which medications are safe to take, etc.

I would stay far away from "What to Expect When You're Expecting," unless you'd like to feel obsessive, neurotic, and guilty your whole pregnancy.
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Newlife, i just wanted to say well done already! you're in the best place there is! ( so much learning going on here...learning...sharing experiences/problems...and abundent support...
Newlife, do you mind me asking how old you are? I had my first pretty young, if you need to talk, feel free to PM me...

Same here - I was 17 when my youngest was born
If you need help with anything, LMK!

For learning about birth, I read everything I could get my hands on. My mom still had books from her old La Leche League library around the house, so I had plenty of good stuff to read. I would think the Dr. Sears Pregnancy Book would be a pretty good place to start. Maybe The Miracle of Life (if your local public library has videos, see if they have the Miracle of Life Nova episode - it's fascinating!), because it has actual photos of the fetal development stages - I like to use this one with my kids, because we can find pictures of babies at the same stage of development as our is. A good childbirth book will always detail the process of birth first thing, because knowing what will probably happen is the first step to overcoming fear of the process. Maybe try a Bradley Method book, or a hypnobirthing book? And last, I would definitely read a basic breastfeeding book while pregnant - something like The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding or So That's What They're For (which is really easy to read, incidentally.)
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Thanks everyone. And Caroline I am 17. I did order "What to Expect When You're Expecting", but i guess I can expect to be disappointed LOL. But thanks for you advice and offers, I'll take you up on them.

BTW Caroline ,did you plan all of your pregnancies I see they are all about 3 years apart?
Hee hee, I wouldn't even bother reading WHAT TO is full of wrong information. I would just return it and get something better, like the books the other people suggested. Anything by Dr. Sears is a good bet.

And like another person said, you're off to a great start! MDC is really wonderful. All the mamas are really kind and people love to help each other.
I'm sure you will have a great pregnancy and birth.
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