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My son was diagnosed this year in 4th grade. We are so happy to have a diagnosis! He is on meds because this was affecting his learning and his behavoir. When I was trying to decide what to do people asked me if I would get him glasses if he needed it. I said yes of course. They said then it's no different. My friend explained it to me as having a brain that is constantly changing the channels and how frustrating must that be? I'm not here to try to sway you just sharing my experience. There's no right or wrong answer here only what is right for your family. As to the schools that's a hard decision. Mine go to a magnet school which is about 4 miles away but is like your charter school. It makes it harder to have playdates with kids at his school. But my kids are happy and have kids in our neighborhood. We are just hoping he will do ok there for 5th grade. It's a struggle somedays just being a parent.
The problem with that argument is that near-sightedness is a physical issue that is corrected with lenses. There is no physical imbalance with ADHD, it is not a lack of Adderal or Ritalin. There is no laboratory tests to determine ADHD (or any other mental disorder), it is merely an arbitrary label from a menu of behaviors as described in the DSM. Medication for ADHD is far from risk free.

As a parent we all have to make choices, and choosing medication for behavorial issues like ADHD is one of them. I chose not to medicate my DD who, now as an adult, has learned to work with her issues. While I would not wish ADHD on any child, especially seeing the difference between her and my other two children, School was definitely a challenge for her, but she got through it, although decided not to go to college. I do feel that she has used the condidtion to shape her life into something postive and what works for her.
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