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My 8 yr old was diagnosed right before first grade, after a horrible kindergarten year. His self esteem was in the toilet and his academics were slipping. He had a lot of trouble making friends due to his hyperactivity and impulsivity. We did choose medication and it's been the best thing for him. He prefers days he takes his medications bc it helps him feel more in control and to do things he wants to do but before he was unable to do. And to me, it's the same as medicating for seizures, depression, anxiety, etc. The ADHD brain is different than a non ADHD brain, and that's not saying it's a bad difference, but if the child is being affected negatively by it and not able to self regulate(which is really hard even as an adult at times), then I think it should be looked at. We in addition work with a play therapist and a behavioral therapist. It is our hope that as a teen or young adult, he may be able to self regulate enough to get through college/adult hood. My husband also has ADD and took meds as a kid. He doesn't take them anymore, stopped around 20 but he now uses he ADD in a positive manner to work for him.
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