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Thanks all for the replies.

I guess I made the original post sound more anti-medication than I meant to. I don't want to jump right to that route, but I couldn't say we wouldn't ever try it. I have concerns about it. I worry, "Oh no, she's going to think there's something wrong with her if we tell her she has to take medicine." I so much don't want her to label herself, or for other people to label her. And ultimately, she's going to have to learn how to manage herself the best she can. I don't want to do something to address the current problems that doesn't help her build for the future. Not that medication would mean that she can't do that, I just hate that the meds are the first thing I ever hear about. How do kids learn to deal with it and become productive adults? Where does a family get information about learning other strategies?
I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 40 and started medication. The "blockage" in my brain is much smaller and I'm a much happier person. I wish I had been diagnosed as a kid. I always KNEW there was something wrong with me. My son (adopted) was diagnosed three years ago. His brain absolutely works differently and needs special support at school. He's been taking a non-stimulant medication, Intuniv, for nine months now. It helps with impulse control, which is wonderful, but doesn't touch his attention issues. For him, stimulants aren't an option.

The magazine ADDitude is an excellent resource, as is their website. Very balanced.
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