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going to be a dad Dec 13-07, i am from CT hello!!
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Originally Posted by Dadtobe View Post
going to be a dad Dec 13-07, i am from CT hello!!
Welcome to MDC. Is your wife a part of us too?
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welcome aboard, more dads the merrier
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hey man! im from CT too! which part? im from waterbury
Thanks all, my wife it not part yet. She is going to part of the family here soon.
I've gotta say, I like the dad's forum here. I wish more men answered than women, so this thread is great so far...

Nothing sexist, don't get me wrong. Just some issues get derailed it seems by the different routing of thought patterns. My wife says "keep digging" as I'm typing this.

Anyway, like reading the thoughts of many of dads here!

...and sticking my foot in my mouth...
12/13, you say?
My wife is due 12/14.
I'm new to the board too, but opposite side of the country, AZ.
Welcome to the "new" dads! Everyone here is pretty cool and helpful.
Welcome guys.

Stick around, ask questions, provide answers.

Branch out a bit and snoop around the rest of MDC as well.
hiya & welcome also,

im actually on the other side of the world -*in australia

i lurk on these boards but the dad one seems to move so slow at times it not my main area. Even so... its still the most happening dad list ive found though!

all the best
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