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New to the Ergo

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Is the Ergo hard to learn to use? I just got mine today and it is so nice, but gads, I'm all intimidated by the directions and not having any luck. Any suggestions for helping me learn how to use this thing? I'm dying to learn! So far I can't even get it comfy WITHOUT the baby in it! I know it'll be wonderful once I learn to use it but I'm stressed out about it. Help!
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I thought the Ergo was pretty easy. I would start with baby on front. Buckle the waist first, then one strap over one arm, slip baby in, then put on the other arm strap. You might need some help getting the back top buckle in place and snapped at first. That's really all there is to it.

Getting baby on your back by yourself does take some practice...I always practiced in front of a mirror, or on the bed if you're really unsure. Hope you like your Ergo as much as we've liked ours!
I'm still trying to figure out why mineb rubs me to the point of discomfort. So far I am not impressed, but I have heard so many rave reviews that I'll keep trying. For me getting it on is easy, getting it comfy is another.
Mine rubs under my arms (the straps) and it is really annoying and uncomfortable. The buckle also jabs me in my hip and it is painful. I have the NG. Not impressed at all. I'm sure if coming from bjorn or something it is great though...I never had a bjorn. I started with Kozy and Napsack, lol...and those are super comfortable so I guess I'm already too spoiled for Ergo. Dh is wearing it in public although he prefers Kozy for comfort (he thinks Kozy is too girly for public).
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