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new unpadded ring sling wearing instructions

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For Mrs. Edwards and others who are having problems with your unpadded ring slings, I shot some short digital video today, along with a couple of still shots. Hope this info is helpful.


Clark was getting tired toward the end so you can hear him making that about-to-fall-asleep grumble, and he's almost asleep here in the

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Great Pics!

Are you wearing a nursing shirt? Or just a camisole under a regular shirt? You make nursing in a sling look so effortless, I always feel like I almost have to get undressed to nurse in my sling!
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Great video! I wish I had those instructions when I received my sling LOL You make it look so effortless. Now I can just pop him in and switch positions on the fly, but your video is awesome!

Thanks for sharing.
I am not using the nursing opening. It is a Majamas shirt that is VERY low cut, so I wear a sleep bra under it. In the video you can see me pull the sleep bra up and pull the shirt aside. The shirt has an underlayer with a hole cut in it for the nipple, but most of the time it's more awkward for me to fish my nipple through the hole than to just pull the whole dang thing aside. If it wasn't such a cute shirt, I'd get rid of it, because it's useless as a nursing shirt. I much prefer the BOOB shirts from, but I like the Majamas print.

I have a regular cross-front dress from Old Navy that I wear the same way - sleep bra underneath. Everyone thinks it's a nursing dress. The sleep bra is from Mimi Maternity.


p.s. I know, BAD Old Navy - but they are TRYING now
Wow Darien, great video and pics! I love the anlges you get for some of your pics! And you make it look really easy,even for us "pros" you make it look too easy, lol.
Good job and thanks for sharing!
Darien, thanks so much. It's getting the fabric to pull through the rings that I have problems with. You said 'up and over' and did it with one hand. I've tried and tried, and can't get the fabric pulled through. I'm off to try again....
You really need to get that edge isolated in the rings. Notice the way you can see the serged edge (the darker green line like the edging on a napkin) in the rings on my shoulder picture. And in the video, I grab that edge of the fabric to pull up and over - I don't pull to the side or down on the tail in general, but grab just that edge. Also, if your fabric is twisted, it will be harder to adjust. Before you put the baby in, make sure the fabric is gathered evenly around the rings and not twisted or overlapping itself.

Let me know how your progress goes. The natural that you have is as easy or easier to adjust as the sage shown in my photos/video. I'm sorry you are having challenges and sure hope we can get you through it. I have sure been where you are. You will love your sling if you can get over this learning curve!
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Nope, I've done everything you've suggested and it's still not working. My husband watched the video too and looked at the pictures and made sure I was following everything and it still didn't work. He said.."maybe it's the fabric" and I told him the organic cotton is one of the lightest/thinnest fabrics you have. I keep on practicing, and some days I think I get it, but on those days it was taking me two hands to adjust the rail, while balancing her weight on my leg hiked up on a chair. That's obviously not the way to do it. I'm just a defective ring slinger. :LOL

Is there anyway you could take some close up pics of the way the sling is threaded through the rings? I know how to thread it but maybe if I compare the way you have the fabric starting on the rings before, during, and after adjustment I can make sure I've got it right.
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Ok, on the website it says:
If you pull DOWN, the fabric will fold over on itself. If you pull sideways, the edge should stay isolated in the rings, which will make it easier to loosen.

Ok, when I tried this last, I started with that edge and about 1/2" or so more of fabric completely straight and flat and pulled sideways/up/over and it still wound up folding over on itself.

Wouldn't you like to come visit Nashville???
Is it any cooler in Nashville?
: Yeah, I do wish I could put my hands on your sling and help you.

I shot some new video this morning, with a natural, just for you. I got a new one out of the box and didn't have any problem adjusting it. I must have some sort of finesse touch that I'm unable to describe, because the sling I worked with adjusted very easily. Clark is sleeping in it right now.

Speaking of, we're both pretty tired in this video.

I have included 2 takes of the close-up in case one tells you more than the other.

Let me know if this helps at all.
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Darien, I really appreciate you going out of your way shooting the video and all. I know you've got some other projects going on right now and trying to help one person whose obviously is ring sling disabled I know must be frustrating for you too.

However, seeing the ease of use and still trying to get it, I really feel like it's just too hard for me. I really think I'm going to wind up selling it, because the video is starting to make me feel like a failure! :LOL I'm thinking I don't need the sling around to remind me of that.

Thanks for all your help, I really do think you've gone above and beyond. I just don't get it.

Have you rethreaded the sling? I know that i had trouble at first and rethreaded it and it helped me alot. It seems that taking it apart and putting it back together kind of made it click in my head YK?

Originally Posted by CajunMama

Have you rethreaded the sling? I know that i had trouble at first and rethreaded it and it helped me alot. It seems that taking it apart and putting it back together kind of made it click in my head YK?
Uh yea. I rethread the thing each and every time before I start. :LOL
Darien, you make me want to try an unpadded ring sling again! I gave up for the world of pouches and believe it or not, wraps, a few months ago. If I can use a wrap, I should be able to use a ring sling. Off to look at Zolowear...
Come on Kaylee, Memphis is not that far. You need to come to a sling playdate at Mothersville. name the date and we will have one just for you.

Originally Posted by Tupelo Honey
Come on Kaylee, Memphis is not that far. You need to come to a sling playdate at Mothersville. name the date and we will have one just for you.
You know my BIL is living in Memphis for the summer while my SIL is living in AR. I told her that I really needed to get over there to hook up with you in order to help me with my sling. But, I think it will be another four weeks before she visits there again, and I was going to try to meet up with her as well. Actually, my main reason is not to see them, it's to get help with my sling! :LOL

Maybe I'll talk to my husband and see what he thinks. I just don't see me driving to Memphis with just the two kids by myself, so I might have to pick a weekend date.

Oh, and I feel honored to have one thrown in my name (the dysfunctional ring slinger) :LOL
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