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For anyone who's interested....Pease pass this on to all the radical breastfeeding mamas in your life!

I'm pleased and excited to announce the launching of Victoria's own Friends
of Breastfeeding Society group! To learn more about FOBS, read on. We will
have our first Victoria meeting at Green Cuisine (Market Square), on
Saturday, October 11, 10:30 AM - noon. We will meet near the children's
play area. All are welcome!

We are also starting a 'zine, which will be called Mama Mia! and will
spotlight homebirth, unhindered breastfeeding, intact baby, co-sleeping,
baby wearing, and more! It will be distributed free to members of FOBS.
Your stories, articles, poems and artwork are welcome!

Pease pass this on to all the radical breastfeeding mamas in your life!

Warmest wishes, Rachel

We are excited to extend an invitation to all the radical mama's on the
Lower Mainland also. The meeting will be on Saturaday October 18th
from noon to 2 pm. But the location is everything sooo.....please
send me your ideas!! I'd like to do things most likely in the Surrey
area or possibly near IKEA in Coquitlam someplace. Does anyone know
of a yummy vegetarian type place that is children friendly in those
areas. I could do it at my place as a buffet type thing, but I live
very un-central!! So any ideas would be wonderful!!
And do send this to ANY radical mama's that should know about this!!
Thanks ---Robyn

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Friends of Breastfeeding Society, BC Chapter

FOBS is a society of paid members, all dedicated to aid in the journey to
make breastfeeding once again the cultural norm. We offer breastfeeding
women support and networking through monthly meetings. Through
consciousness-raising activities, we strive to make our communities and
workplaces more breastfeeding friendly.

FOBS is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation.
We run our services through:
~Sales of our products
~Annual membership dues ($20)

Membership includes:
~Monthly gatherings
~Subscription to our 'zine, Mama Mia!
~Lending library

The Friends of Breastfeeding Society was started by Catherine Young,
founding editor of Compleat Mother Magazine. In Catherine's honour, FOBS
asks you to Boycott Nestle! In 1981, Canada endorsed The World Health
Organization and UNICEF's International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk
Substitutes. Nestle violates The Code in Canada and around the world by
aggressively advertising and delivering formula samples to new mothers.

"One and a half million babies die every year because they are not
breastfed. Millions more become ill." -UNICEF

Show Nestle it is indecent to participate in baby deaths for profit. Join
concerned citizens around the world and Boycott Nestle!

Breastfeeding, and in need of a friend? Contact FOBS!

Lower Mainland
Robyn ~ 604-857-1447
[email protected]

Vancouver Island
Rachel ~ 250-472-6033
[email protected]

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aww i wish i still lived in Victoria (i'm in Prince George now) coz i would be really into that!!!!

(can you tell i miss the island?)
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