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Originally Posted by phishmama
Hi, and welcome! For overnight wool, esp if you don't mind bulk, then get the aristocrat. Those rule for overnight. I also like bumpy wool for another overnighter that is easy to get your hands on. A wahm overnighter would be . She does awesome embroidery too on the covers.
I'd recommend her fuller cut 2 layers serged to her other styles, though. Once I super lanolized my sugarpeas wool covers, those were fine for overnight too. If you want a soaker for overnight with gorgeous dyed colors then I'd say try to get lucky with getting a baabaabottoms soaker. Most soakers that are good are also highly sought after so they are also hard to get at stockings and they are never just sitting in stock. HTH!!
Aristocrats are excellent for nighttime. Can I ask which soakers you were using before? I would look for something chuckier with a tighter knit.
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