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New - with a question about Vit K shot and Eye Oinment

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Hi everyone!

My name is Amalia and I am new to these fabulous boards. I've spent the last two days reading just a couple of forums...I'll be spending lots of time here...

I will be having my precious little boy at Swedish in late July. I have been battling with myself about the newborn procedures...Vit K shot and eye ointment. I still have to look into the PKU and thyroid tests.

Here's the thing...This little guy is my second child. My first, my precious Olivia was born still 3 days shy of her due date due to a cord accident. I was planning on having her at the Birthing Inn in Tacoma, with my medication...just as natural as possible. I originally wanted to have a Home Birth, but our insurance would not cover we opted to a birth center.

With this little guy, I opted for a different route. I had a WONDERFUL delivery with Olivia, and decided that what is most important to me this time is having a "LIVE" baby at the end of my pregnancy...and so I went with an OB at Swedish, who I really like by the way. So, as far as the delivery goes, I am all set...but I am very confused about all the procedures that will be done to "Speck" after his birth...I know that docs will instill the fear of God and death into you if you ask them about these I was hoping you guys would tell me what you chose and or thought about them.

I do have genital Herpes, so the doctor will give me medication around 35 weeks to suppress any outbreak during labor, (I have very infrequent outbreaks...the last one was 2 years ago), but I agree that I need to take the medication. The eye drop is mainly for Gonorea, (sp) and Clamidia? Is that right? I don't have those, so I don't see the point in giving him the eye drops, unless it's also good against Herpes.

The Vitamin K shot has me the most worried. We are not circumcizing Speck, and the odds of him hemorraging just seem so FAR OUT the new studies about possible cancer linkage...I'm leaning towards declining this shot as well...but you know there is another part of me that is so afraid of this baby dying (sp) that I think, "Don't be a fool Amalia...what if he is born perfectly and then dies due to your declining a freaking shot!!!" I just can't think straight...

So any advice would be really appreciated.

Hugs and I look forward to getting to you know you WONDERFUL WOMEN!

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Check out the links on my mw's website
I did both of these procedures with my ds, but am now questioning them a bit. I think I will opt out of the eye erythromycin. I just don't see the point in my case. If I do get it, I want to wait a long while so the babe has some time to see me, Dh and the world. Vitamin K I may opt out of this time also, unless it is a traumatic birth and the shot is warranted.
My doc kind of assumed I wouldn't be doing them, which I imagine is pretty different from most docs.
I will get the PKU test.
Unless you have gonorreah or chlamydia, there is no reason to get the eye drops, no reason. It will not protect the baby from genital herpes, but that shouldn't be an issue since, like you said, your doctor will give you medication to help prevent them, and if you did get outbreaks, you most likely wouldn't be eligible for a vaginal birth.

For the vitamin K shot, my midwife told me that if you are not circumcising, the shot is then given to prevent a blood illness that occurs in 1 in 4,000 babies. So not too common. And besides, you can help increase how much vitamin K your baby has at birth by taking supplements while pregnant. Much less painful for baby.

I say do whatever feels right in your heart, but looking at the statistics, and figuring out what you are at risk for, the decision should come to you fairly easily.
You can also take in more Vit K after the birth and the baby will get it through your breastmilk. Here is a link that tells good info about the mother supplementing.

Also you can give the baby infant vit K drops. SO you have lots of options that don't include an injection.

I wanted to say, with my first hbac I opted for my DD to not receive the vit K or the eye ointment. A hour after birth we did put the ointment into her eyes only for the reason that her eyes had become very red and puffy over the hour. NO vit K though.
I had refused it with my last hosp. vbac.. none of my last three children received the vit K shot. I believe you can up your alfalfa intake in the last few weeks of pregnancy and it will help the baby out also...
Please anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong on the alfalfa.

Best of luck to you and yours hon!!!!

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Thank you all for your input!

Yes, uping your alfalfa intake will help prevent bleeding in both you and your babe. I took it with my 1st and I didn't bleed at ALL during delivery and very little after. I think I only went through two pads. However, it also prevented my mw from doing a successful heel stick with dd at 3 days.

I also just want to offer support for your loss. I'm sure it's absolutely indescribable to lose a baby. Please remember that there is nothing you can do to prevent an accident. I understand your desire to try to "insure" this baby's safety, but studies have repeatedly shown that both babies and moms (during a "normal" pregnancy) have better outcomes in the care of a midwife birthing at home or a birth center. Just food for thought.

Welcome to the boards and good luck with your planning.
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