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New here.

I have been directed to this forum as THE place for answers.

I want to dye some cloth diapers and baby blankets. I am going to tiedye them I hope. I have tiedyed before but never diapers. Can it be done? Advice? Please?

Also, my mum
is knitting me a half dozen soaker shorts for my twins
out of merino wool. I am wondering if they can be dyed after they are knit or if I need to dye the wool first? If I dye them after they are knit, am I stuck with them being a solid colour? Can I dip dye wool?

I would read through the posts as I am sure the info is there, but I have an 8 year old home from school today and four month old twins

Thanks so much in advance.


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Hi Kristin,

Sorry the late reply - somehow I missed your post before.

Yes, you can tie-dye diapers! You would do it just like any other kind of tie-dye. My suggestion would be to do it via the squirt bottle method rather than the immersion method, just to make sure that the dye penetrates all the way through the multiple layers of fabric and that the colors are vibrant. Considering how much fabric there is in prefolds, you'll probably want to soak them for a half hour in a soda ash solution first to make sure the dye takes well, though it might not be necessary (I like to err on the side of caution).

And yes, you can dye knitted goods after they're knitted. And no, you're not limited to solid dyes. You can indeed dip-dye them - take a look at New Life Woolen's page on Hyena Cart, they often have dip-dyed soakers. You could tie-dye them too - I just tie-dyed some wool interlock fabric last night using the acid dye immersion method, and it turned out great! (FWIW, I used yarn to secure the fabric rather than rubber bands b/c I don't know at what temperature rubber melts
). Or you could do a mottled dye of one color by putting your woolies in the boiling dye bath & then not stirring them much. You have lots of options!

Have fun playing with dye! (One of my favorite pastimes).

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First OT...Jaye, I thought I was losin' it at first when I read your reply b/c I just came from checking up on posts at the fiber-arts forum and the last one I saw was yours...but anyways too funny!

I agree with Jaye, but will make some addendums

Tie-dye with squirt bottles is definately rewarding b/c of the scope of colors you can apply. I might also suggest trying an activated dye method, basically it is the same as what Jaye is talking about but instead of soaking the PF's in the soda ash you add the soda ash to the dye mixture.Here is a basic recipe for the activated dye method(scroll down the page). The only thing I woud say avbout thaose directions is to fold your items before you make the dye. Once activated the dye is only good for 2 hours or so.

I prefer the activated method for two main reasons...1) Better color vibrancy and coverage, and 2) I don't get soda ash on my hands while folding.

To get some really neat and random patterning you could do some Low Water Immersion dyeing. Its really easy and fairly quick.

I know this is a lot to take in, but read around the fiber-arts forum and you'll pick-up some useful info that will make tthis all seem les daunting. Quite honestly, it is real easy and after you have done it a few times you'll be thinking to yourself "Why didn't I try this sooner!"

As far as wool goes, I will defer my answers to what Jaye has said b/c I don't really ever work with wool

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