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New with lots of questions (that are really basic)

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I'm a little lost on here and hope that one of you experts can help me out.

I am trying to make the switch from disposables to cloth. DS is in daycare and needs to use the disposables there, but I want to stop using them at home (nights and weekends).

What do I need to get started? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question. I've tried looking at stuff online and reading articles, etc. but I'm lost with liners, covers, diapers, doublers, and so on.

DS is a little over 8 months and around 22 pounds. He's a heavy wetter and a fairly good sleeper, so overnights can get messy.

I just need someone to point me in the right direction with supplies that I'll need and an estimate of how many things I'll need for only part time cloth diapering.

Thanks so much!

mom to Alexander (10/20/2003)
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That's great you are switching to cloth! It can definitely be done part-time.

We started with a diaper service, which was nice, b/c they provided the supplies, did the washing (of course!), etc. and then when I got used to it I started doing it myself. That might be an option - it's an easy way to easy into CDing. I would probably buy a wool soaker for over night, though, to help.

Check out the packages at - Inge has tons of stuff and is VERY helpful. She has packages that can try out different things so you can learn what you like. Ask her any questions - she will help you find what is best for your situation.

As far as what to recommend - that is so hard to do b/c every one has different preferences...I'd try out a few different kinds before committing to a bunch.

You probably could get by with a dozen dipes and a couple covers and a wool soaker to start with. Add from there - and watch out, it's addicting!
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If you want to PM me your email address, I have an article written on how to get started.
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Congrats to you for attempting to make the switch.

I think if I were starting at your point I'd get three Firefly sleep tights with doublers and wool covers for night and enough fireflies for the day(or two) with some nice wool covers(jersey) as well. Then add from there.

HTH. I know the Mamma's here will be lots of great help...and I hope you stick around!

ETA: I am from Canton/Akron area! I see you are an Ohio Mamma!!!
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I'm new at this too. We just started cd'ing full time about a week ago.

What I did was buy 6 pf's (and a snappi), a few different covers (bummis, ME AirFlows, Bumpy), a fitted or 2, and a couple of different pocket dipes (FB's, Wonderoos, Snapping Turtle) w/ both micro and hemp inserts. I looked into the package deals from lots of sites, but went w/ this instead.

Turns out, I really like the FB's the best, and will use pf's and the Bumpy covers occasionally. What's so frustrating to me is that each dipe or cover fits each kid so differently- what 1 person raves about may or may not fit my dd. It's almost as bad as trying to buy myself a new pair of jeans! But you know that feeling you get when you find the prefect's like that!

I'm not sure about how much you'll need- I think it depends on what you end up using. Good luck and have fun!
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I just want to say Welcome
This board moves very fast so before you know it you're thread is going to get sucked in without a good response. I may not be the best to respond b/c my mind works in bits and pieces due to having 3 kids
I'm like an old car you have to rev up and little bit and pray it doesn't give out on you :LOL

This is for the most basic route - very basic:
24-36 reg. or premium prefolds (premium are the same size but w/2 extra layers down the middle)
6 covers - M proraps, Bummis, ME Airflows
2 Pail liners
Wet bag - for going out
2 dozen cloth wipes - you can purchase or use baby washcloths
Fleece liners are nice to keep the bum dry - you can get fabric and cut your own

Dh needs the computer but I'll check back later to see if your questions are getting answered.

It can be overwhelming b/c there's so much out there. Alot of it depends on how much $$ you want to spend and what you need to get for the sake of convenience.

Oh, I just noticed something else in your post. Get an aristocrat for nights. It will hold through the night. (or maybe w/o the s) has Nighty Newts - perfect for a heavy wetter at night. So then you'll need some pins or a snappi, too! See, I told you my brain doesn't work.

Okay, I'm going to stop here and hope someone else fills in the blanks. One general store I know and trust is - awesome service! You could probably call her up and ask her where to start but check her website first b/c I know she has lots of info. - is that right?

These are some general websites w/even more info - I know your brain hurts from all the info. You just gotta push through it!!
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Thanks so much for all of the advice... I'm going to start buying some things this week.

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