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New York Magazine on Alpha Moms and Barbara Walters

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magazine for their The Approval Matrix page. She's nearly to the bottom on their Highbrow/Lowbrow hierachy.

Also of great note to us NFL types is the cover story- Empire of The Alpha Mom-- how to parent so perfectly you don't even need to be there! Make a night nurse part of your two week old's village. It's a great article.

Check it out

eta- changed the header to better reflect the content
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Can you provide a more accurate link to the BW mention? I can't find it.
I have the magazine, the link is for the online version. They have a different matrix chart up for the week than the mag does. You can do a Highbrow/lowbrow search, maybe. I'll go search around. You can read the Alpha mom article with the above link.
You're kidding about that AlphaMom article, right? I was really offended by it.
I am not paranoid or anything...but the only Approval Matrix i can find is for June 27-- which is next week-- but is under the 20th. When I search for Approval Matrix June 20, I get a blank screen.

Anyway- it's in the mag, but not on line. I wonder if there was fuss by NBC and they took it off the website?

I hate conspiracy theories. Maybe I am searching incorrectly. if your library has this mag, or you see it in a bookstore, Barabar Walters Matrix Approval ranking is on page 81. it's a chart that's a weekly feature of who and what is hot and who and what is not. This week Oprah is hot for picking Faulkner as a book choice. Queer Eye Bosox makeover is lowbrow. And so is Bill O'Reilly for his cancelled "Battle for American Values" cruise. Seems they couldn't fill the boat.

Anywho-- that's this week's Update. Same bat time and channel next week.
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Uh, yeah i was being ironic. That's what all us NFL people are looking to do-- parent without being there.

It's a great article, though, in it's total stupidity.
Here's my favorite part of the Alpha Mom article:

"No expert told her not to worry about it, just to do as she pleased. They talked instead about the right way of parenting: that you don't, these days, just prop your child in a playpen with a bottle or put him out in the yard like a pet. You breast-feed him. You play with him. You wear him on your body so that he gets used to your voice, develops language skills more quickly, "becomes," says Isabel, "a smarter baby." But she could never pull that one off. The more Isabel's child demanded of her, the more she went out to learn. And the more she learned, the more she was told to stay close-and the more people she hired who could do that for her".
Yeah, um...I was left with the impression that this chick should have stuck with dogs and cats...
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