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"60 Minutes" on TV3 (New Zealand) just did a 14 minute segment on circumcision, called "Separated at Birth." Apparently a complaint from a NZ intactivist about the station coverage of the Fergusson STD/circ study led to this much more anti-circ segment.

It's quite good. The interviews with Brian Morris and circumciser Thompson are kind of creepy. It shows a circumcision in enough detail to be distressing. The doctor's line, "The kind of penis Laughlan has is good for circumcision" is of course nonsense designed to reassure the mother (as palm-readers always say "This is a very well-developed palm.")

Ken McGrath is interviewed in depth about the function of the foreskin, concluding that circumcised men have lost "a symphony of sensation".

There is a good bit of comparison of FGM and MGM. The rabbi says he would support the right of cultural FGM "if the woman agrees." (Why not for MGM?)

Paul Sherriff, a NZ legislator who's restoring, has the last word: "Keep your sticky mitts off his private parts."

You can see it at

You must have Windows Media Player. I had a little trouble getting the visual to be continuous, but could hear the audio pretty much fine.

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