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The same type of response all around when it comes to vaccine injuries. Just pushed under the carpet, as if they never existed:

While New Zealand is doing very well in terms of increasing vaccination rates "as a nation we often fail victims of vaccine-injury." That’s the conclusion of Katherine Smith, spokeswoman for No Forced Vaccines, a group that opposed forced or coerced vaccination. Explaining that some members of No Forced Vaccines have family members who have suffered significant adverse reactions to vaccines, including reactions that have caused ongoing illness or disability, she described how No Forced Vaccines had contributed a comprehensive document to the 2012 Health Select Committee "Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse with a focus from preconception until three years of age".
"As some No Forced Vaccines members are parents of children who have suffered significant adverse reactions to vaccines, reactions which have left their children with ongoing health problems or disabilities, the No Forced Vaccines submission described the sorts of problems that are faced by families when a child has suffered from a serious adverse reaction, and suggested ways that such families could be better supported." Smith continued. Unfortunately, Smith said, the Report of the Health Select Committee, published in November 2013 completely ignored the concerns of No Forced Vaccines members. "The words ‘vaccine injury’ or ‘adverse reaction’ are not mentioned even once in the ‘Immunisation’ section of the Report," Smith said.
"It’s not good enough for the government and the Ministry of Health to promote vaccination to parents without at the same time making sure that there are robust strategies in place to both prevent avoidable adverse reactions and to properly support every family in which a child suffers an adverse reaction that leads to chronic illness or disability," Smith continued.
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