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My ds is 22 months old, and has never co-slept. Firstly because I didn't really know about the benefits, and secondly because he has always slept fine in his crib.

Until last week.

It started when he woke up and I picked him up and rocked him and he wouldn't let go of me. 2 hours later I realized that he was going to be sleeping with us that night because everytime I tried to put him down he'd scream.
It was OK. I was pretty parinoid that he'd wake dh up, or that the dog would wake us all up, so I didn't really sleep. I figured it was a one off.
Then last night it was the same thing. When I picked him up out of his crib, he was like velcro.
So, I brought him into our bed and tried to lay him down in the middle, but he wouldn't let go of me, then it became "sleep on mommy"
: He's a bit heavy (35lbs) and this did not last long. He eventually layed on his own in the middle of the bed but it took a lot of coaxing, which is fine.
Now, here's my issue:
He moves constantly!
I don't sleep.
Im a cranky mommy in the morning.
And to top it off my dh is worried that if we allow him to sleep in our bed now, it will create a dependence and that it will be hard to 'get him out' of our bed when he's older.

Not sure how to handle any of this, this is the first time I've even been in this forum, so if Im being totally daft, please be gentle with me

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Our solution to co-sleeping with a 30+ pound toddler was to get a king size bed for Christmas last year. It was a splurge that was well worth it!

In our situation, dd had been co-sleeping. At around 18 months I started nursing her to sleep on a twin mattress on the floor. She would wake up and we would take her in bed with us. At 2y, she moved into her own room, but the situation was identical. Recently at 2.5y, she gets up and walks into our bedroom around 3am.

So for us it looks like some sort of progression towards her spending more time alone at night. We are open to her figuring it out according to her needs, and I can assure you that my brother and I both co-slept and successfully went away to college

Since this is a new issue, I'm wondering if something else (like teething) is contributing. Just a thought!

Personally, I love nothing more than waking up in a cuddle with dd. There are definately nights when she arrives at 11:45 and I do miss my time to sprawl, but all in all, it's a good thing at our house.

Hope this was helpful!
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