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Newbie ?: How many NB covers to get?

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I was told to have 1 cover for every 6 prefolds - but at the same time I don't want to stock up on NB covers only to have baby outgrow them in a week! If I stock up on Smalls instead, will they be too enormous? and what about the umbilical cord stump?

I'm specifically thinking about Proraps here, but if there's another widely available cover that will help me avoid this problem, please let me know!

I really don't want to have a stash of covers that are barely used...there really isn't anywhere near me to consign them...
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Well, unless you are fine with washing/rinsing poopy covers a lot, you'll probably want at least 4 NB covers - 6 to be comfortable.

If you're getting Proraps (my fave NB cover BTW), they're pretty inexpensive, and they fit the best on a little baby w/cord & all, and if you keep them in good condition, they have a great resale value on Ebay, etc.

Smalls are good to use, too, but when baby's so small, it's nice to have a cover that fits well, and my DSes' (?) legs were too skinny in the beginning for smalls anyway.

Sorry if I rambled - it happens.
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I second the recommendation for Proraps--they fit really low and don't bump the cord. I also have several Bummis SWW (nb)that are a bit larger and still fitting her well at 4wks/9lbs 4oz and probably will for a little while yet. However, she's already outgrown the proraps (used over a pf), but the Bummis still fit. I agree with going with 6 covers because you'll be alternating quite often during the day (and night!)
I also had a few small Dappi covers (I know--so not a popular cover!
: ), but those worked well too and cheap! (found at Granitesmith's ebay store.)
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I'd go with 6. I've heard good things about newborn bummis actually fitting the skinny legs. They seem good value too.
I had 5 prowrap classic newborn covers. My dd wore them until 5 weeks old. The reason we moved to small was because I had to loosen the waist to fit her, but in doing so it made the legs to loose and we ended having accidents out the side of the leg. We then used small bummies SWW from about 5 weeks to 3.5 -4 months.. around 14 or 15 lbs. HTH,
I agree go with 6. Nothing worse than running out of covers.
You can find the NB proraps for a good price over on the TP. And then when you are done with them, you can resell them on the TP.
We used them for about 6 weeks with DS. I do think it's worth getting the NBs because even at 8 pound 4 ounces... DS seemed so tiny.
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I bought 6 Bummis NB covers and have been worrying if it will be enough! I can remember on bad poopy days with DS how many changes of clothing we went through (we were using sposies) and so I think 6 is definitely a good number!
The Bummis NB covers are significantly smaller than the Proraps. I had 4 Bummis and 8 Proraps. DS never wore the Bummis - He weighed 8lb 7oz at birth and they were just too tiny. I just retired my NB Proraps this week. He is 6wks and about 11.5 lbs. Eight covers were really too many, six would be a good number.
Thanks everyone! I feel better about getting all those newborn covers now - just didn't want to be one of those new moms who overbuys on everything!
I really like newborn diaperaps ( I got a better fit, they come in cute prints, and they are made w/ breathable PUL
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I'm buying for my second baby but cost is a huge issue for us. I managed to find 1 NB Ecology Kids cover, 1 NB Gerber EZ Wrap and a NB Dappi pull-on at some local thrift stores for $1.50 total. I know that these are not the best covers but doing it this way will help me to purchase quality for the small and Medium sizes which we will be in the longest. I'm also looking for some other NB covers to round out a bit but can work with what I have if necessary. My 1st CD experience was with Gerber PF and vinal pants that my friend gave me b/c we were too broke to buy diapers of any kind- I'm loving my real CPFs now and I have some nicer covers now too. I just prefer simplicity.
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