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Newbie in NE Ohio

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Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself... I'm excited to have found this forum & especially one with so many others from my area!

My husband and I are very newly ttc and I'm excited and nervous and very much want to make some connections and learn from others' experiences.

We're also trying to live simply, so if anyone has experience with having a baby and simple living, I'd love to hear about that, too!

Looking forward to meeting some good people!
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Hi and welcome,
I live on the near west side of downtown Cleveland. Are we neighbors? We try to live simply, too: we're vegetarians, have one car, buy clothes and toys second-hand, etc. We have a couple of attachment parenting/crunchy friends, but it's always nice to make more!
I'm in the southwest suburbs & work downtown, so we're pretty close. Sounds like we have a lot in common... We're not vegetarians, but we don't eat beef or pork. We just went down to one car last month and are pumped about that.
It's only been over the past six months or so that we've gotten more serious about simple living but we're loving it. We haven't met anyone yet who is also into it, though. Most of our friends are encouraging, but just not there themselves. I'm especially hoping to meet some others who have similar goals/lifestyles as we get ready to have our first baby.
It's good to hear there are others close by!
Hi there!

We moved here from
Ithaca, NY about 6 months ago. We live in West Park. We love the location - we are right down the street from a rapid stop so DH can take the train into work (another proud one-car family). The homes are very cute and tidy, and there are lots of shops within walking distance. I've had DS (17 months) out for some nice long stroller rides since the weather has warmed up.

As much as I like the neighborhood, I haven't made friends with any mamas yet and am feeling kinda isolated
. Just from observing and chit-chatting with other moms in check-out lines, I get the impression that our style of parenting isn't the norm around here.

We cloth diaper, breast-feed, eat healthy (used to be veggie, but met Chef DH and started eating meat again), and try to lead a low-impact lifestyle.

Jennifer - where are the best thrift stores? I haven't had much luck with the Goodwills around here. I've seen some shops on Lorain, but haven't checked them out yet. I went all the way to Westlake to go to Once Upon A Child, and it was worth the trip

Anyway, it is nice to meet you both, Peacechief and Earth Goddess!
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Hey Mamas,

You might want to check out the NE Ohio thread to find some families in your areas to get together. I'm in Cleveland Hts and have found lots of like minded friends so I know they're around! I'll try and bump the thread for you.

Melinda, love your blog.
I'm a Cleveland Hts knitter too, and hopefully a future CDing AP momma, but I'm moving away in June.
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I'm moving to NW side of Cleveland suburbs. We moving from SB IN area - and funny thing about Ithaca NY my sister's family lives nearby - in Corning area. Small world huh?

& Natalee
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We're South of Cleveland down in "Amish Country" (I despise that term, lol) I'm a homebirth, homeschool, wahm of 8.
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