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Newbie (mostly) to board ?'s

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I figured out that TP means Trading Post, right? But how do I get there? Also, when refering to potty training, everyone uses PL....I can't figure it out. And one more, ... I am new to hyena diapers and saw the Luxe diapers (I'd have to get a second mortgage) and wondered what they are made of. The site just says organic....what knid of organic is a mystery to me. They look delicious.
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TP= trading post, but you have to be here months and have 50 posts to view it.

PL = POtty learning because we are teaching babes to potty, not TRAINING a dog :LOL!!

Luxe= beautifully handcrafted works of art by a loving WAHM made of the finest organic fabrics. Handpainted/dyed/sewn and soooo beautiful!!!
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