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Hi there - This is my first post on any of the mothering boards - I just found this two days ago. I'm a mom of two beautiful babes - ages 3 & 1 - we have practiced NFL since pregnancy - but are just now trying to de-chemical our house. I have read a bunch of the previous posts & have experimented with BS a LOT in recent days - it's awesome! I have these questions, though:

- I've been putting the BS & V in the dishwasher, but I'm not convinced it's getting the grease & oil off. I made up that liquid dishwasher recipe (Spastica posted w/ the Dr. Bronners, lemon juice, etc) & was trying to use it to do pots & pans in the sink - but it is REALLY not handling grease & oil. What do you suggest? I would love it if I could eliminate buying premade detergents entirely...

- I had planned to use Dr. Bronners as a component in some herbal shampoo - but then got looking at the no-poo stuff. However, my DD has long, fine hair & I'm afraid it'll tangle. My hair is really short - so I don't think it'll matter. But, what exactly is no-poo supposed to feel like?
Also, if I go ahead & make the shampoo, will I still need a conditioner?

- My DH, for all his amazing support & instigation, thinks bleach is good. How can I convince him BS & V will leave our whites brilliant? He also likes yummy smells in the laundry - but there's no way I'll remember EO's in the last minutes of the dry cycle. Any other ideas?

This is all really new to me & while I'm excited & extremely interested - it's been a long time since I had chemistry so all the PH talk is making me a little
: Please help me find the light... thanks - Jenn
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