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newbie presser foot question

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I am in the process of sewing my first recycled fuzzy pants. (I'm a novice sewer- pillowcases are about my skill level
) I'm having a problem though, with the felted wool being too thick to fit under the presser foot (I think that's what it's called) in several spots, especially where I'm going over an existing seam.
I've got the crotch seam sewn, but am having a bunch of trouble with the waistband so I'm giving up and am sewing that by hand, which is a p.i.t.a. on top of the fact that I'm a miserable seamstress. I was hoping to make several more sets of pants, and so I wanted to know if presser feet are made in different sizes, etc to fit over thicker fabrics? If so, can you generally get those at a fabric store or do you have to contact the manufacturer?

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I am not an expert sewer but may be able to help. My machine has a pressure regulator on the top left side. When I am sewing over bulky fabrics I release it so the presser foot does not press down so hard. I have an old machine and have never sewn on a new one so I don't know if that is a universal feature. Good luck and enjoy your sewing!
Also, there are many different presser feet but I haven't seen one for "bulky"fabrics. I have only seen them in machine shops, through the manufacturer or online. I have never seen them in a fabric store like Joanns. the yahoo group "joy of sewing" has a notions sale, maybe once a month and I am ordering a walking foot through the group for a really good price. Good luck.
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