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Newbie question about fermenting

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Hi, I'm really new to NT and have a question about fermenting. I have read several of the posts and I have the Nourishing Traditions book. I decided to try the gingered carrots recipe and it sounds really simple. Looks like it worked but when I did a little taste it was salty... really salty for my tastes. (I didn't use the whey but followed where it said if you don't use whey use more salt.) Does more salt really need to be use? I want to taste the food, not the salt. I put it in the fridge for now, but haven't tried it since. What can I do aobut this? Are all fermented vegies salty like this? If so I don't think I can get use to this, nor the rest of family.

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hmmmm....mine are fermenting right now. First timer too. I used the extra salt b/c I haven't tried making whey yet. I'll be watching this.....I hope mine aren't too salty! Yuck!
I think, if you do a search, you'll see that it's pretty much agreed that the ginger carrots are way too salty as written in NT. Time in the fridge will help to mellow them a bit, but not a lot. Next time, skip the whey but don't add the extra salt. That's what I do when I make them now, and they turn out better that way, while still fermenting just fine.

FYI, I've found that the too salthy batches work really well in things like stri fries and casseroles. No extra salt needed.

Not all fermented veggies are that salty, no. Pick up a copy of Wild Fermentation and use those recipes instead -- I find them to be much better than Fallon's in NT. I could live on lacto fermented sauerkraut and kimchee these days -- they're soooooooo good!
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It depends on how long you let it ferment. I found that over time, the salt in my ginger carrot and sauerkraut is almost indistinguishable and has been replaced by the tangy, sour, fermented flavor. I cut down on the salt the first time I made the ginger carrots, but I prefer it more salty and use the regular amount.

But then again, I'm a salt fiend. I try to avoid table salt at all costs but I use almost a pound of natural salt a month (and have low BP).
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