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Newbie - Too late to join? (& AFP issue)

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I've been lurking here for a while, but finally decided to join! I hope it's not too late!

My name is Sara and I am 26. I have a 14 month old wonderful, sweet son and am due with #2 at the end of July.

We did the triple screen test (against our beter judgement) and got some worrying results: 1 in 178 for Down's. We decided not to do the amnio, despite pressure from parents, doctors, and especially the genetic counselor who said, "If you find out too late you won't be able to abort!" (That's genetic counselling?!

We had a very detailed level 2 ultrasound (we lost a baby 2 years ago to a rare kidney disorder, so ultrasound is routine for us) and no markers at all were found. We know this does not mean that there is not Down's, but we are hoping for the best... but sometimes I get so nervous and scared.

So that's my story! I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this journey with you all.

Happy and healthy pregnancies to all!
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Welcome, we are happy to have you join and hang out!

I have never had any of the experiences you are dealing with, but I feel like I would of done the same thing...aborting even being an option because of Down's, no way! I feel like there is no reason to even know!

Glad your level 2 ultrasound went ok!
Welcome out of lurkerdom!
Hello & Welcome.
I would have done the same thing myself - i have a couple of friends who were high risk and they had the further tests and all was ok - but they did risk loosing the baby by having those tests. I'd much rather have a baby with downs then no baby - from what i've read they can be hard work but rewarding and magical.
Welcome! We're happy to meet you

I would try not to worry about the AFP. The test is notoriously inaccurate (which doesn't make the results less scary!) and a 1 in 178 chance is still pretty darn small. I know lots of people who have had "positive" results and then had either additional testing (amnio etc) which was fine, or no additional testing and babies who were fine.
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I'm glad your Level II ultrasound went well. I didn't have the AFP done but, in your situation, I would also skip the amnio.

Look at it this way: 1 in 178 means there is a 99.4% chance that your baby will NOT have Down's.
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Thanks for the kind words & welcomes...

I try not to worry about it too much, but it's always there. I've also read of so many people who had similar experiences w/ the AFP and had babies who were completely fine.

It's reassuring to find other moms who wouldn't do all this testing - I'm surrounded by people who think I'm crazy for not doing an amnio! Thanks!
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Welcome!! I'm Kim, mom to Emma and Seth. Baby girl is coming sometime in June or July

We also lost our baby, Emma, she was 8 months old. How old was your little one? It is really hard. I understand about having to have the u/s and such to put your mind at ease.
I would also decline the amnio though...that is GREAT genetic this so you can abort. Whatever.
I am sure you will like it here!! This is a great group of ladies!
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Hi, and welcome! I am happy your US went well, and would have refused the amnio, too, if I were in your situation. Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy/birth/baby!
Welcome to MDC and our DDC!
: Glad to hear the ultrasound went well; hang in there!
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Welcome! It's *never* too late to join us! We're glad to have another mama in our DDC....

Good for you, standing up for yourself and your babe by deciding what *you* think is the right choice (re: testing), and not what others would try to pressure you into.
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