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Hi Everyone!!!

I'm new to this site. I'm a 19 year old mother of year old baby boy. He was born 12 weeks early and weighed in at 1lb. 10ozs and was 12 1/2 in. long. The reason that I had this little miracle so early was that I came down with severe eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. The dr's had to enduced labor or I'd go into seizures. He's now 16lbs. and 28in. long ... Ummmm ... other than that I have no idea what else to put in this first post
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Welcome to MDC!
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My DS was a preemie due to Pre-E/HELLP also.
There is a Preemie/Nicu sub-forum here if you are interested. It is in "Life with a babe"
and congrats on the little one! (PS- I'm 19 too!)
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