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Hello to all of the new people out there!
I'm always surprised when I see people who have only posted under 10 times or been on MDC for a week or so...I wonder where they heard about it and what they think! I'm also always impressed at the 1st time moms here!
All I know is that I was pg with dd #1 and I really could've used MDC--for questions, and also for support! I'm very thankful I found MDC after dd and I've enjoyed it ever since. I used to be on another ddc (which will remain nameless since we aren't supposed to bash other groups) and they were so argumentative! If you nursed, the formula mommies would bash you, if you didn't nurse, some bf mommies bashed (hey, I understood where they were coming from, but it wasn't nice, and definitely NOT a good way to 'pull others to your camp' ya know?)
SO....I LOVE this the kind mommies I've getting different advice--although still all on the same 'logical mommy' line of thought!
I really hope you new moms (new to motherhood and/or new to MDC) enjoy this board as much as I really has a lot to offer...and no, I don't work for MDC or anything!

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I agree! It's so great to see lots of new people joining us in our friendly little ddc

I didn't discover Mothering until my dd was over 7 months old - I could have really used to the friendship and support before then
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