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newborn diaper question

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Ok, originally I was going to make about 30-40 newborn diapers. Not sure if I will make entirely prefolds or not yet but anyways. Yesterday I made 11 prefolds newborn size (can't remember the exact dimantions right now) that is up to 15 lbs. Should I make more this size, or should I make the bigger size and fold them differently? I know they would be be bulkier. My neighbour pointed out that the baby will be out of this size rather quickly. I think I also will make some fitteds if I find they're not too hard. Should i skip the newborn size all together with them as well? Any advice and experience would be greatly appreciated! Mel
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My answer depends on how big your babies are at birth, and how quickly they gain weight. Mine are born average size, I'm expecting this one to be around 9lbs. But, mine also don't put on weight quickly, so I have made about 10-15 newborn size, and will have about 20 smalls on hand. My goal is to make at least 36 diapers for the baby.
: I think my dd was 4 mos before she weighed 15 lbs, so I'd get a lot of use out of those!

I didn't start CDing until dd was 2 mos and we used a one-sized dipe, but for future babies I will make some nb fitteds. Mainly b/c I'm not a prefold fan, and they will be nice for middle of the night changes, quick trips out, or for the grandmas to use (my mil stayed w/ use for a week after dd was born and did nothing but clean, cook, and hold the baby so I could sleep!) Plus those teeny-tiny nb fitteds are sooo cute!
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When I sewed part of a newborn stash for my last babe, I skipped newborn and made small fitteds. They fit fine at birth, he was 9lbs, 10oz. and I expected him to be over 9 lbs since my last two babies were large also.

What I was truly grateful for, however, was my stack of newborn prefolds. Jack grew faster than I could sew, I ended up buying most of a medium stash for him, and his infant prefolds pulled us through the transition. He started outgrowing his smalls at 4 weeks. He wore infant prefolds for about 10 weeks, then we switched to indian prefolds. They were bulky but Jack needed the width and the fold-down in the front. Indian prefolds are smaller than premium and larger than infant. He can still wear them, so they were a good buy and a good size!

HTH! Good luck with your baby!
I just figured out, Jack was 20 lbs at 6 months. He could wear larges, the same dipes as his 3.5 yo brother at 6 months! Now he is back in mediums and weighs 24.5 lbs. Just for your information. They all grow so differently!
thanks everyone for replying. I don't have any clue what size my baby will be as his is my first. I was 6lbs 15 oz and my husband was also small but he was premature. I was full term I believe. I made 10 newborn prefolds, and I think I will make about 10 newborn fitteds, and then move on to smalls. 20 diapers should hopefully last a full day (right?
) and even if the newborns only last for a few weeks thats ok. I'm only 4 months pregnant now, so I've got tons of time! Mel
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I started with 20 diapers, it was enough but barely. Even 25 would be better if you could manage it I think. I like your plan, I think you *should* plan for a newborn size baby with your first.

Best of luck, post pics if you can!
thanks so much for the quick reply. 25 you say? sounds good. If I'm planning on making 20, 5 more is no problem. I want it to be as stress free as possible. I figure once I find a good fitted pattern it should be easy. Yesterday I tried making the smaller size of this diaper but I am not at all happy with it. It is HUGE, and the elastic was much too long, even after I ripped it all out and cut it shorter it still was just too big. So I'm on the hunt for a good newborn pattern.
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I have been using Mama Bird's newborn pattern. I don't know how well it works, I'll let you know in a few weeks.
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thanks, but i can't get that link to work.
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