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newborn diaper question

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My sister has a 3 week old baby boy, and I've been successful in the cloth diaper pushing.
: I only cloth diaper about 70% of the time, and she probably will do about the same. I started cd'ing when my son was about 6 months old or so, so I totally missed the newborn days and the 100% breastfed poo days, and I'm still learning.

I would like to start her out with a stash....can I get some thoughts on the best diapers & covers for an 8 lb newborn?
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I used FB on my dd starting at about two weeks. She weighed 8.3 at birth, so she was a little bigger than eight lbs. And she had pretty chunky thighs, imo. Anyhow, I loved them. I think they worked great for us, and mostly contained that bf poo. Sometimes the force with which they go makes containment impossible I think....

I really liked pinned or snappied infant prefolds with wraps for the nb period. I found I grabbed for those over the fitteds we had. My babies were in the 8 - 8 1/2lbs range, and the infant prefolds fit fine right away by folding the excess down a bit. My favorite covers were Bummis SWWs, Loveybums wool, and knit wool soakers.
I prefer prefolds with Bummis SWWs. We actually trifolded which makes it an easier sell, as long as prefolded prior to change time. I stack them this way in the diaper stacker.
I like prefolds too, and do the trifold as well. Newborns need to be changed so frequently that prefolds are a very economical choice. You can get more dipes for your money so you don't have to wash as often. We use a combo of proraps and Bummis SWWs.
A good economical cover are Proraps. I like them with trifolded prefolds, or can be used over a variety of fitteds too.
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