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Newborn Diaper Rash - help!

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Diaper Rash - question
My son is 17 days old now, and started developing a rather bad diaper rash around day 5 or so. (He poops and pees after every feeding). I bought some Pentaten ointment, but it seems to be getting worse. Today there's white bumps on top of the red rash and he really fusses when I'm changing him. I've been using Huggies diaper wipes with Vit E. Could this be making it worse? Has anyone else had this same problem? Any advice?
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If there's alcohol in the wipes it will always make the rash worse. I would use a warm wash cloth so as not to irritate it any more and keep using your ointment. Have you tried A&D? That seems to work on DS's bottom when nothing else will.

Oh, I have also tried layering vaseline and A&D.

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I checked this morning, and there's no alcohol and no fragrance in the wipes. I know I have super sensitive skin, and my son has very similiar complexion to me, so I'm very careful about detergents, soaps, lotions, etc. He actually had a reaction to OLIVE OIL the other day. His little hands and feet were dry and flaky and somebody recommended rubbing a little olive oil on them, and he broke out in a rash... no more of that! LOL
Don't white bumps signify a yeast infection? If so you'll need a cream to combat the yeast, although I know some mamas here have natural yeast remedies...
We haven't experienced yeast yet but I think white bumps are a yeast rash. I'm sure one of the more experienced mamas here can tell you for sure. Hope you little one's bum feels better soon.
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Geez... what in the world do you do for a yeast infection???? Any help anyone???
Could it be thrush?

dd & I had thrush in newborn days, I was given nystatin but didn't use it. She got a red bumpy rash that just would not go away so I put the nystatin on it - magic!

Lots of air and baths and sunshine and no creams sometimes helps, in general. I wish I could help more
If it is yeast, you want to either boil all dipes or put them in the sun. A vinager or baking soda mix can also help clear it up. I think it is like 1 tblspn vinager to 1 cup water. Also if it is yeast, you may want to rinse your nipples and his mouth after nursing. I suggest using b,soda and water in his mouth just for taste.
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