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Newborn Diaper Stash * does it sound like enough*....

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Ryker's Stash...

2doz infant unbleached prefolds *up to 15lbs*
6 Bumkins Covers~Small~Red Farm~ *10-15 lbs*
5 Bumkins AIO's~Small~Leopard*~*6-12lbs*
2doz premium unbleached prefolds *15-30lbs
6 Bumkins Covers~Med~Blue Farm~*15-22 lbs*
8 Bumkin AIO's~Med~Blue Bug~*12-22 lbs.*
5 Mint Snappi's

Does that sound like it will be enough?

My mom who bought his diapers for us has me worrying about it now. I also have 2 packages of Newborn pampers we could use also.
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I keep asking myself this about my stash! I will be primarily using prefolds as well, I have 24 infant sized now, but I also got:

6 kissaluv size 0 and
2 or 3 other fitted newborn/ small dipes

for those first few weeks/ months.

I got 5 of the kissaluvs used here on the TP and bought 1 brand spankin new one

I also have a few more covers then you -

like 8 PUL nb covers (proraps, bummis and very babys)
1 nb fleece loveybum
1 small fleece stacinator
2 nb/ small wool soakers.

Also a handful of small sized PUL covers - I dont have any mediums yet.

Oh, and I decided to get some preemie sized prefolds *just-in-case.* I have 5right now, but will prol get a few more.

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I have asked myself this question so much latley...then I bought so much on FSOT boards...i can't exactly remember everything I've gotten!

I think you guys both have a good start ...although I'm sort of new to cding and have never done it with a newborn!

I just tried to buy enough that in case the baby comes early I will have enough to use untill I can get more.

I have:

6 newborn proraps
2 or 3 bummis wraps
8 kissaluv contours size 0
1 kissaluv fitted in the smallest size
1 dozen nb prefolds
4 wonderoos

I'm still waiting to fund paypal enough to get my wool stuff that I cant and some small covers as well as another dozen prefolds. We also need new carseats for the other two kids as well as the new one! Thats gonna be a chunk of change.
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Lurking from the August due club because I saw your post on the main board.

I diaper DD from birth and started with 24 infant cpf, 6 fitteds, 6 OS AIO (that was too bulky for a newborn and did not get much use in the newborn stage). DD was born in the hospital and I cloth diapered her the moment she was out. DS had a bad reaction to disposables, so I didn't want to take any chances with DD. I will say this, if you have a c-section or have to stay longer than normal than this will not be a big enough stash - of course you can do like me and send DH home to wash the dirties and bring them back

The first week or so, you will wash every other day but it will taper off and you will find that this is more than enough. Hope I helped
and congrats!
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I like 3 dozen diapers as an absolute minimum for a newborn babe. I'd add another dozen infant prefolds or 12 small fitteds to that mix. The amount of covers looks great though
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Sounds like plenty to me. Also, I love the name "Ryker"! I just had to pop in from August and say that

- Krista
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Thanks for the suggestions
and compliment on his name

I figured infant pfs are good since my daughter was 1 month early and she was 7lbs 13oz at birth so i'm expecting him to be big also.
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I had a HUGE stash as the cloth diapers thread here said. Then Maggie came real early so now I have added

preemie size prowraps
preemie prefolds
preemie sized fuzzi bunz.
Plus a few more kissaluvs. I have way way too much but oh well, there are worse things to spend money on.
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