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Newborn Diapering Trouble

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Well, nothing fits

Sophie is 5 days old and everything is too big. She was 7lbs 8ozs at birth and was 7lbs even at 2 days old. Everything should fit. I have newborn proraps with preemie prefolds and the proraps go over her umbilical cord stump. I also have some x-small fuzzi bunz and those are huge on her. I also have some nanipoos newborn diapers that actually fit but they are so bulky on her back and since the proraps are too big i'd have to use them coverless. Anyone else have a difficult time diapering a newborn. I hate buying sposies when i have all of these cloth diapers. Any words of advice?
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you might go ahead and try coverless at least when she has pooped recently...the newborns pee so little it's not that big of a deal...or you could jsut put the ocver on her when you see hse has to po...or you oculd hold her over the potty when you see she has to poo...and then put her back in her snuggly nanipoo....cloth diapers are jsut pretty bulky ocmpared to sposies... not a whole lot to be done aobut hta..though someone here might be able to give you a link for wahms that make supertrim dieps..beccasbottoms does a supertrim dipe..i hear goode things about kissaluvs size 0 for newborns too...good luck anyway
Do you have a Snappi for your cpf's? You might try just a cpf Snappi'd and no cover. At least that way there wouldn't be the huge amount of bulk w/a cover. I'm probably not much help...I've never cd'd a newborn!
: Good luck!
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Hadley was 4lbs 15oz when she was born. We used preemie prefolds with a preemie wool cover from Erica at Simon's Custom Cloth. We also had a tiny soaker Hooni made for us. I am surprised the xsmall FB's don't work for you. They were also one of the only things that fit her, still do. She is only pushing 8lbs now. We wear the FB's overnight.
I used nanipoos on Angelo from the first day he came home with preemie sized alexis featherlites pull ons. I found mine at a local baby boutique. The leg holes were small enough for him (he was 36 weeks), the rise fit great over the nanipoos, it was a great combination. He is 1 mo old and fits a wider range now.
My dd was 6 lbs. 13 oz. at birth. We cloth diapered from day 1. She wore mostly preemie prefolds with beccabottoms simple covers over them (snappi'd). The snap down for the umbilical went really low so it worked that way. I had trouble with my dd #3 as the proraps and bummis we had bought were too high in the tummy... also we use kissaluvs.. love the fit on a newborn but they are really thick/bulky imo.
I did also have a few beccabottoms fitteds and pockets that fit her great too.. but I just mainly used prefolds.
Pm me if you need help.

Here's a link to my baby girl in her newborn dipes so you can see the fit. She's Sarah:
Hugs mama and congrats on your new baby girl.
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I used premie PFs with NB Prowraps and it worked just fine. Maybe you aren't putting the back up high enough on the prowrap?

Here is what the Premie PF looked like on.

Here is what it looked like under a bummis wrap

Sorry I can't find a pic with the prowrap but the bummis doesn't have the notch so the prowrap would have fit better. Also DD was only around 5 lbs in these pics.
dd was six pounds, nothing fit either. I used kissaluvs without a cover just fine for a week or so...She was up so much that I could change her when she needed it.
Don't worry, that umbilical cord will come off soon and all will be right in the world
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