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Ok, I convinced dh to TTC, we started last night
I"m hoping to be preggo by the end of the month since we didn't have problems with either child(first month both times

So anyway. I got by with just 15 prefolds and about 5 covers with dd for the first few weeks and washed every day, alot of times twice a day :LOL I figure this time I'll get 24 and a dozen infant size too and maybe a few fitteds. So where do I start? Kissaluvs size 0? but how long will they fit, dd was 6lbs, but ds was 8 so I have no idea how big the next baby will be(since my smaller baby was my second born) What covers work best? I just used bummis SIWW(the velcro ones) in NB size for dd, are there any others that fit/work better? Oh, and I'll need that phone # for the prowraps seconds if anyone has it :LOL

What wahm's make cute TINY diapers? I know little lambs, and SnS do, who else? I think we're going to let the sex of the baby be a surprise, so I'll want CUTE gender neutral stuff
but you never know, I have a friend that runs the US dept. at a hospital so I can get one done if I get too impatient :LOL

So send me baby vibes so I can go on a shopping spree since all of dd's tiny dipes have been sold or worn out :LOL
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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