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Newborn or infant?

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When does a newborn become an infant? My DD is six weeks old, is she still considered a newborn?
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I think babies are considered newborn until about 3 months, though it may depend on the context. Some things do change around 6 weeks, but I noticed a huge difference in my dd right around 12 weeks. Suddenly, she had lost her "newborn look".
babes are only newborns for the first 28 days of life, such a short time

then they are infants till they start to get around

they grow up too fast
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Medically a baby is a newborn for the first four weeks, then they are an infant until age one.
Thanks for the clarification!

So my little newborn is a big-girl infant now?

She'll be begging for the car keys in no time!
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If you're talking about clothing, sizes 0-12 months are "newborn" and sizes 12-24 months are "infant". So they like to mess with you, because no one would call a 12 month old, nor most babies who can wear a 12 month size a "newborn".
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