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newborn sleep position question

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I have a brand new baby! we have a cosleeper but atm i can't sleep unless she is right by me, and she does better there, too. didnt really plan on full cosleeping as bed is tiny, but for now it works.

my question: does she need to be in a straightish/flattish position? right now we sleep with me on my side and her laying flat on the bed with her head turned to one side, my uper arm kind of draped over her to keep her in place/prevent mushing by daddy
. I would like to have her sleep more curled up to me, w/her head on my lower arm, so i dont worry about her rolling towards middle of bed (mattress sucks), but i dont want her to get a neck/backache.

thx for any advice/info you can provide.
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She'll let you know if she's uncomfortable.
I slept all snuggled up with my dd from day one.

good luck!

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Congratulations! It's amazing how our sleeping "plans" are altered once we actually hold our baby and the instincts kick in! I too bought a co-sleeper but have never used it other than as a changing table and a bed rail :LOL

We have a full size bed too and it gets quite cozy
Since we had a scare with dh almost rolling over on Grey (I woke up right as it was about to happen- gotta love mama esp) I always sleep "in the middle" with dh on one side and ds on the other. I usually sleep on my side and he sleeps on his side or back (he roots in his sleep). I have the co-sleeper on the side with ds so that just in case he rolls he will just roll into the co-sleeper (I just make sure there are no gaps between the co-sleeper and the bed.

Good luck to you and your new baby! I swear I love co-sleeping more everyday.
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I can't imaine sleeping any other way! My dh travels for work from Monday through Friday so most nights it's just me and Alden so we have plenty of room to stretch out. Alden's generally starts the night out sleeping on his tummy on my chest. I have to say that this is my favorite part of the night but as he is getting bigger (he's already 17.5 lbs), it is getting less comfortable for him to lay there too long. So, then I roll him over nest to me with his head layig on my upper arm and we sleep for a litle while like this- all curled together. Then eventually, I scoot over a little further over from me and we spend the rest of the night like me. The routine is the same when DH is home although Alden does sleep closer to me since DH is a heavy sleeper.

I am of the opinion that a baby will let oyu know if they are uncomfortable. Just follow your baby's lead and I hope you both have a great night's sleep. Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!

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I totally agree with everyone else so far... It is best to do what is natural for you and the little one. It is amazing that as little as they are, they can can still "tell" you how they want it and what they like best. When DD was about 4 weeks, she started to curl up right next to me and I would kind of hold her in with my arm draped around her. She has always been a side sleeper, I guess because it is convenient to nurse, (occassionally she will lay on her back) and I was told by my midwife, DD's doctor and several nurses that side sleeping is OK for babies if they initiate it themselves.

Congratulations on the little one!
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Originally Posted by almostfey
my question: does she need to be in a straightish/flattish position? right now we sleep with me on my side and her laying flat on the bed with her head turned to one side, my uper arm kind of draped over her to keep her in place/prevent mushing by daddy

On her front or back?

For god's sake ladies, make sure your little ones are asleep on their BACKS.

Sleeping on the tummy is the #1 cause of cot death.

The "back to sleep" TV campaign in the UK a few years ago reduced cot death by 30% in the first year.

If you need a physiological explanation, I'll provide one.

Hope this helps

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ah ha!! here is my story of back or front. i actually have a picture of my dd rolling over and going to sleep on her tummy with her tusshie in the air at 5 days old. the first two months she prefered sleeping on mychest or on her tummy so i slept with her naptime and at nigth. spoke to the ped. who siad i shouldnt worry since seh chose to get on her tummy, she was healthy and she probably prefered that way as i tmight help her breathe.
"bum in the air" indicates that her knees are under her a little, and that produces a cavity under her lungs.

So this is not a "front" sleeping position that causes the problems.

For babes getting to sleep, this is common. However, once asleep, they should be moved to their backs if they spread out, and are flat on their tummies.

Mums and Dads out there, this is really important!!!

My daughter has also been a co-sleeper since the beginning. I found that she hated being flat on her back and I read somewhere that it creates the feeling of falling or not being supported in babies. Don't know if that's true or not, but my dd hated it.

She's always facing me and usually reaching for a boob
, whether she really wants it or not. I just let her do as she pleases and we've never had a problem thus far.
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