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Newborn spitting up - what to do?

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I know spitting up is a "laundry problem, not a health problem" for a newborn, but I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions for helping my daughter keep her food down. I'm nursing her at least six-ten times a day. She spits up almost every time she eats. Sometimes it's right away when I'm burping her (gently), sometimes it's a "stealth spit-up" and doesn't happen for hours, then suddenly when I have her lying down... yipes! It's mild and doesn't distress her too much. Any tips from experienced moms for helping her hold onto her food?

Incidentally, my midwife suggested I stay on one breast for a few hours before switching to make sure she's getting enough hindmilk (she has thrush, which doesn't seem to be bothering her, but the extra sugar in the foremilk could be exacerbating the thrush).
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My DS stopped spitting up when I cut out dairy.
My sister-in law and her son had this challenge. It was thought that baby was getting too much too fast! Things that were suggested to her were to recline slightly back while nursing so gravity didn't play as much of a role as it does sitting up straight, expressing a bit first so there isn't as much pressure behind it, and that's all that i can remember right now, she found leaning back helped a lot.

I'll add to the list if i think of any more.
Block feeding (staying on one breast) may help. What color poops is she having? Green tell you she's getting too much foremilk.

Are you really only nursing 6-10 times a day? That seems awfully infrequent for a newborn.

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