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Newborn stash questions and support needed!

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I'm due with my 1st in November and I want to buy my newborn stash this summer.

Here's what I'm thinking for diapers:
- 12 XS Sandys (I have 1)
- 12 Kissalvs 0's
- 12 preemie ubcpf's
- newborn Kushies Ultra AIO (I have 1)

- XS rikky wraps
- XS and S ME Airflow
- 2 bummis XS (I have them)
- 1 newborn Lana Wool cover
- 3 recycled wool soakers (I'm going to make them this summer)

What do you think? You are all so helpful I knew this would be the perfect forum to post this!

- How many of each do you think I need? 12 kissaluvs and 12 Sandys? Too many? Not enough?
- Also, I bought a package of newborn Kushies washable liners. Has anyone used those?

Thank you in advance!!

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Your stash looks great! A few mutts in the stash would be a nice lil luxury.
I've never actually CD'ed a newborn but I read all the posts about it, so take my opinion with a grain of salt! :LOL But I think I would get 1-2 dozen infant prefolds too. Seems like they grow out of the preemie size quickly and the infant size are good to have on hand. Even if they're bulky at first they'd be a good backup. And then later they can be doublers, pocket stuffers, etc.

Now I'm
: to see what everyone else says too!
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looks good to me - i've heard great things about the sandys and kissaluvs, and they resell well on ebay

i know nothing about the kushies xs aio's - only that i have heard the larger sizes don't hold up well. I would be a bit worried about the resale value too. what about xs fuzzibunz or xs very baby aio's? they sell great and you can find them for about $10 on the trading post (all you need to do is post more and you will have access - 50 or 60 posts i think).

I have an xs bumware aio for this baby and it is very cute! i don't know if she routinely makes/stocks them but they are nice.
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Good point, I think I'll add infant cpf's to my list as well!
Are mutts fitteds or AIO's?

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Mutt's are both fitteds and AIOs, they're one-size diapers. They snap down to a newborn size, yet they fit my 30 pound Moose too.

Me personally would ditch the Kushies and go for Fuzzibunz or another pocket or AIO. Kushies are not good at containing my toddler's poop I can't see them being successful at newborn poop explosions.

I'm expecting my fourth in September, this is a rough plan of what I want to have ready for him/her.
-2-3 dozen fitteds~ I've bought 1.5 dz, planning on making sherpa fitteds from the Very Baby pattern for the rest, unless I happen on some I love at a good price
-2 dozen prefolds~ these will be used as backup most likely
-1 dozen AIOs/pockets, along with some one-size stuff to share with Moose who will still be in diapers (mostly Wonderoos pockets and Mutt AIOs, tho the Wonderoos may not fit Moose by then)
-8-10 misc wool covers, pants, soakers, and shorts
-3 PUL covers for woolie backup
I have some Mutt nb size and they look beautiful. I have mostly the OV and a few knit/ov lined. She said the velour was a great BF poop catcher. I also have a few Loveybum nb size they are very nice also ( I think there are still some on that site also).
I'd have to agree w/the pp that the kushies should go. I love the Mutt newborn fitteds ( I have some Kissaluv 0's, too, as well as FCB, VK, and Tykie fitteds. I'm going to use infant Indian Prefolds and fitteds for the newborn stage (18 fitteds/18 IPFs) - my dd was pretty big and this one is a boy so I don't know how long they'll last... so I'm working on the next size up. I won't be getting the Kissaluvs sz 1.

Fuzzibunz or Swaddlebees pockets might be a good replacement for the kushies...
another thought - perhaps start with small vs xs pockets? i have a friend who's baby was almost 9 lbs at birth and fit in them right away - another whose 8 lber fit in them by 2 wks.
I think that's an excellent newborn stash--I couldn't do better myself. However, keep in mind that the baby will probably outgrow it quickly, so you might want to start thinking about your "small" stash as well.
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